Onesh Azadeh / Richard Wilmsen

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Onesh Azadeh / Richard Wilmsen

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:24 pm

Hey all,

Nice to finally see a forum about the Nebelung breed.
Alot of things changed since we have Onesh. There's even a special Nebelung club now.
Many of my friends keep asking me questions about the Nebelung.
Well we own 2 cat's Pooja (RB) and ofcourse our lil friend Onesh (NEB).
He's a nice / fluffy / smart / cute / loving teddy bear. When i'm at my office he sleeps behind my notebook so we call him Mr Ghost.
He lives together with Pooja. Pooja has finally founder her loving house...She plays alot with Onesh. She does'nt like other people.

{ I think i'll update the story soon }

Well ehm some information about myself.
Well i'm a young guy only 24 year old. I live on my own in Eindhoven.
In the near future I would like to start a cattery myself.. Well i don't know when but in time you'll hear from me.

Next year Onesh we'll take Onesh to some shows.
We love the Russian Blue / Nebelung breed so that's why we want to start ourself.

Pooja & Onesh


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Re: Onesh Azadeh / Richard Wilmsen

Post  Olena O'ksandr on Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:56 pm

Great! A family reunion!!!
Onesh looks very handsome.
Olena O'ksandr

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