GCCF standard for the Russian blue (this is applied to the

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GCCF standard for the Russian blue (this is applied to the

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 26, 2007 2:22 pm

The Russian is a cat of elegant foreign type without the exaggerated elongation of the Oriental. Its high ears, green almond-shaped eyes, angled profile and prominent whisker pads create a distinctive gentle expression which, together with its essential velvety double coat, gives the breed its unique charm.
Head –The wedge from tip of nose to eyes is short. The distance from eyes to ears should be equal to or slightly longer than the wedge. The top of the head should appear flat between the ears. The whisker pads are prominent giving a broad end to the head. In profile the forehead should appear straight to the level of the upper edge of the eye. The profile from here to the tip of the nose has such a shallow concave curve that it appears virtually straight. This creates a distinctive angle level with the upper edge of the eye. There must be no stop, break or nose bump, nor must there be a straight profile from top of head to nose tip. The tip of the chin should line up with the tip of the nose in the same vertical plane. The chin should be strong and deep with a level bite. The back of the head should not fall away. In kittens the top of the head may appear more rounded and the profile angle may not be as well developed.
Ears- Large and pointed, wide at the base and set vertically to the head. The ear placement is such that the outer line of the ears continues the line of the upper part of the face, although in mature males with jowls this will be less apparent. There should be little inside hair.
Eyes - Vivid green. Set rather wide apart, almond in shape, not small and deep set. In kittens allowance should be made for eye colour. Body - Long and graceful in outline and carriage. Medium strong bone, well muscled. Cobby or heavy build undesirable. The females may be slightly smaller than the males but should also be well muscled.
Legs and Feet - Long legs. Feet small and oval.
Tail - Moderately long and in proportion to the body. Tapering, neither blunt-ended nor whip.
Coat - The coat is double with a very dense undercoat: the whole coat is very fine, short and soft with no harsh feel to it, very different in texture from any other breed and the truest criterion of the Russian.
Condition and Temperament - In the Russian the condition and temperament of the cat are important considerations.
Note: We are looking for an even-tempered cat and it is hoped that Judges will distinguish between a balanced but temporarily upset or frightened cat and a cat with extreme or aggressive temperament. The latter is most undesirable in the breed and should not be encouraged.

Head and Ears 20


Body, Legs and Tail




Withhold all Awards for:
Extreme aggressive temperament
Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:
1. Flat coat
2. Oriental type
3. Cobby or British type
4. White anywhere in Blues and Blacks
5. Any colour other than white anywhere in Whites
6. Incorrect eye colour in adults
7. Weak chin and/or uneven bite
8. Any defect as listed in the preface to the GCCF SOP booklet

Colour - Clear blue and even throughout with a distinct silvery sheen. Medium blue is preferred. The coat must be blue to the roots, which may be fractionally lighter in tone, and the hairs must show no banding or silver tipping although there may be absence of pigment at the tip. In maturity the coat should be free from tabby markings or shading, although ghost markings may show in kittens.
Nose Leather and Paw Pads - Nose leather blue. Paw pads blue but not necessarily as blue as nose leather. Pinkish lavender pads acceptable in kittens.

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Re: GCCF standard for the Russian blue (this is applied to the

Post  Kristina on Sat Nov 19, 2011 3:20 am

This is the first time that I see that paw pads in Russian Blue should be blue, and that the lavender colour is acceptable in kittens only?!?

Nose Leather and Paw Pads - Nose leather blue. Paw pads blue but not necessarily as blue as nose leather. Pinkish lavender pads acceptable in kittens."

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