Anke Zekveld--- Cattery Azadeh

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Anke Zekveld--- Cattery Azadeh

Post  Anke Zekveld on Thu Sep 27, 2007 1:09 pm

Dear All,

Since 2002 I am in love with Aleksandr van Song the Chine and the Nebelung. He was my first Nebelung. Inspired by his breeder I started showing and he did very well. When he became champion I decided to keep him as a stud. The breed was very small in the Netherlands, and his parents and brothers were all ready neutered. My search started for a mate, I searched almost the whole world around to find MISS PERFECT. I was lucky to find Zadorinka Zimnji Denn / Winterday (took a year of patience).
After Zadorinka came Nisa. Finding her took the same effort. Calling breeders all around the planet, asking them what they were planning. Checking the relationships with my cats etc. It was well worth the effort, at the moment I have 8 beautiful cats. 6 of them are Nebelung or variant. In order of age I will introduce them. The link will guide you to their pedigree on Pawpeds if you would like to see photos of them take a look at

flower Aleksandr van Song de Chine Our first nebelung. He is has fathered some litters and is now enjoying his retirement.

flower Zadorinka Zimnji Denn Nebelung X Russian Blue. My wish to add some thing to the breed, and also admiration for the Russian blue made me decide for a girl with a short coat. Iím really fond of her looks.

flower Nisa Sereb Haze Our first Nebelung female. She has a great character and beautiful kittens.

flower Natasha Azadeh. Female kitten of the first litter of Aleksandr and Zadorinka. She is a variant, she has short thick skin with a great silvertipping.

flower Ozar Azadeh Our new stud, kitten of the first litter of Aleksandr and Nisa. He is like a living teddy bear.

flower Pegusha Azadeh Female kitten of the second litter of Aleksandr and Zadorinka. She is a little princes with her shining silver long coat.

This year I will be showing Ozar and Pagusha. Next year I will be breeding again.

The name of my catery is Azadeh, it means: dry earth, detached, free of material thing. For me that whatís breeding and the breed is all about. Intelligent, healthy, loving and happy cats that are your friends not just another pet.

Lots of love,

Anke Zekveld,
Cattery Azadeh
Anke Zekveld

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Re: Anke Zekveld--- Cattery Azadeh

Post  Sereb Haze on Mon Oct 01, 2007 10:24 am

Hoi Anke,

Harstikke fijn dat je dit hebt opgezet!

Groet Kirsten

Sereb Haze

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Re: Anke Zekveld--- Cattery Azadeh

Post  Olena O'ksandr on Mon Oct 01, 2007 3:21 pm

A year ago I was surfing around the internet searching for a cat/breed that has certain characteristics that I liked so much but were hard to find. When I hit your homepage I immediately fell in love with Nisa, Zadorinka, Aleksandr and Natasha. I visited your website every day and after a while dared to write you an email. Now I am a lucky and proud owner of a wonderful Nebelung myself. Thank you for introducing me to your lovely cats, the breed, Olena and to this forum!

Olena O'ksandr

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Re: Anke Zekveld--- Cattery Azadeh

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