How to start ?

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How to start ? Empty How to start ?

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:42 pm

Okay here's the case.
You love the nebelung, you love cat's so in the near future you would like to start as a breeder yourself.
You want to become a nice / good breeder so where can you find the right information ?
What things need to be done before you start ? Will there be any help from a community ?
Well i don't want to start now, but when we move, the chance is quite big we will start.

Thanks for the information !


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How to start ? Empty Re: How to start ?

Post  laurence on Thu Oct 18, 2007 1:33 am

Hi Richard,

Well I am/was in the same position than you not so long ago! What really helped me is a forum (and association - all kind of breeds) where both breeders and cat owners go and share their pictures and experiences. Seeing all those wonderful pictures of babies, reading about the births, the good and sad news, asking questions, etc. helped me take my decision. I aslo made some very nice and lovely friends through it Smile Thus I now have a little 6 m.o. female (Chartreux). However, I am also in close contact with the breeder of my male (neuteured) who is very experienced and whom I trust implicitely. I also visited breeder friends and checked what king of equipment is needed, how their flat/house is set up, what they did to help save a baby with what product, etc.

For now, my female, Courtoise, is still growing and all her faults are not so obvious. Going to shows helps me looking at her in a more objective fashion with the help of more experienced breeders present at the show and of course the judgements.

When the time comes, I will ask my breeder to help me find the perfect match for Courtoise, a male who, hopefully, will correct her faults (why do I feel like a pimp! LaughingLaughing). Of course I will have to check consanguinity and blood group (as Courtoise is A, I'd rather choose a A male, it makes life easier not having to stop the babies to drink from their mother and thus feeding them, the first 16 hours) before choosing definitively. I am also a member of the Chartreux Club who will help me in my choice of male.

Needless to say, I am scared sh..less about the birthing!!!! I asked a friend of mine who just went through his 1st experience and was in the same state Very Happy He explained everything in details. What I really would like is to see one for real.... but not very easy to do Laughing

I am also very conscious that this is not always easy and the worse could happen. A friend of mine (in my forum) who was having her first babies went through this. Very very very sad! Her cat gave birth to 7 kittens and all of them had not finished growing, etc. either born dead or dead after 5mn. Fortunately, her lovely cat was OK. She started by having the worse and nearly gave up. But what helps is the fact that there are a lot healthy births Smile

So I am gathering a lot of information about expecting females, birth and of course the next stage: socialising the kitten which is extremely important! As it is, I am presently gathering information from different breeders as I will write a small article about socialising for the magazine of my association Smile

I hope I answered your questions. Please feel free to ask more Smile


How to start ? Agapanthesbanniere

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