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Post  Marleen on Sun Aug 17, 2008 1:23 pm

My old scratching post was slowly disintegrating and actually not so very nice. Not that my cats minded its sorry state. But I decided to spoil my cats and myself with a beautiful scratching post made by the partner of Anke, Michel Sehstedt. Being fervent sailors ourselves it had to be a lighthouse. And it now stands as a beacon prominently in our living room directing us home after the holiday to look after the cats.

It a brilliant thing. Cats can either walk the stairs outside or climb indoors and hide and stalk each other. Ullie mostly sits on top on the outer ring preventing by force any of them reaching this prominent position. Bink is mostly stalking the other cats from one of the levels inside. When it is the crazy hour in the house, they all fly up and down the outside chasing each other. One day if I have my camera ready during this time, I will post some action pictures. Until now I did not have the chance yet. One thing I must add to this lighthouse though. There is no light in it yet and I have to find a way to fix one in it.
Lighthouse Img_6111

Lighthouse Img_6110

Lighthouse Img_6112

Lighthouse Img_6113

Anke, thank Michel again. It is a great success. cheers


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Post  Anke Zekveld on Sun Aug 17, 2008 1:28 pm

Thanks for the photos!!!

Michel and I are very happy to see happy cats. cheers


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