Pawpeds, a good information source

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Pawpeds, a good information source Empty Pawpeds, a good information source

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:57 am

Pawpeds is a free available pedigree program on the internet filled with many pedigrees and every day new are added.

Pawpeds has section with information about the Nebelung, Russian blue, white and black. This is a lovely library to find cats that are related to yours or, when you want to breed with your cat to look if a potential mate matches with your cat, or just to wonder around to learn about our breed and cats.

Not all the Nebelungs and Russian blue, whites and blacks can be found yet. If you have a cat that is not listed, please send a copy of the original pedigree to Kirsten Huinink, of Nebelung cattery Sereb Haze. Email;

Kirsten is the “human” behind Pawpeds for Nebelung and Russian blue. If you have any questions about pawpeds. You can sent them to her or post them on our forum.

Thank you Kirsten for your effort to get all the pedigrees catalogued.


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