My first Nebelung Max

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My first Nebelung Max Empty My first Nebelung Max

Post  Trees on Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:53 pm

My first Nebelung was Moqy van Song de Chine, born 20-01-2002.
Through an advertisement I found him in Marketplace, in summer 2003.
I did not know about this breed, but I wanted a cat again even if it had to be a street cat.

It was a very hot day, I remember, I had to go by train to get him.
The owner had other cats and Max, as I renamed him, was not happy.
It took just a moment to fall in love with him.
He was easy, was ‘talking’ with me, walked after me wherever I went and even slept with me.
No former cat was allowed to come in the bedroom.
But Max, when I resolutely closed the bedroom door, cried like a baby, then yelled and bounced his whole body to the door.
I had no choice; he had to sleep with me, on my condition that he stayed on a towel near my feet.
And so he stayed, till the morning, then he laid himself with his head on my arm and his feet against my belly.
My first Nebelung Max Maxalleenomteweten-1
Then, in October 2005 he got sick. He did not eat or drink anymore and the second day he hides himself.
We went to the vet and there I heard that the cat was dying.
His kidneys had given up and the cat was poisoning himself. I had to let him sleep.
When I’m writing this, 5 years later, I start crying again.
So suddenly, just a few days, I had no time to even think that this young cat could die.
I heard that problems with the kidneys are due to they castrate the cats to young.

It was 10-10-2005.

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My first Nebelung Max Empty Re: My first Nebelung Max

Post  Anke Zekveld on Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:03 pm

What a sad story. I can imagine you are still sad about it. Sad

I never heard of problems due to early castration, but problems with kidneys have been more common with Birman. Most Birmans are tested on PKD now, but in 2002 that was not the case. (More PKD info

Was your Max a Nebelung x Birman kitten? Anita her Nebelung stud Maximilian, was a naughty boy and did make some of the Birmans (the other breed she had) pregnant.

My info does not change anything for you and your lovely Max. I can only tell that all my cats are tested on many things - that is the progress in time- and none of the relatives I have of Michelle and Max have any problems with heart or kidneys.

Thanks for sharing your story. I hope to see some photos of your cats. I'll have a look in my archives if I can find some photos of Michelle.


Anke Zekveld
Anke Zekveld

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My first Nebelung Max Empty Maximilian and the Birman lady

Post  Trees on Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:54 pm

Yes, you are right about Max's parents.
I tried to put some pictures, but I can't get it done.
The picture in my profile is young Max.
First I wil tell the story of Mimi.
It took me two days to get the stories written in English and I'm supprised that I still cry for both of them.


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My first Nebelung Max Empty Re: My first Nebelung Max

Post  laurence on Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:30 am

Sad Sad Sad Such a sad story Sad Sad Sad I am not surprised you still cry over lovely Max.

My first Nebelung Max Agapanthesbanniere

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My first Nebelung Max Empty Re: My first Nebelung Max

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