My Nebelung, Tynan, and me

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My Nebelung, Tynan, and me Empty My Nebelung, Tynan, and me

Post  Tynan's Mom on Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:24 pm

My name is Ann White. I have three cats, one of which is a Nebelung. We just thought that he was a very pretty gray Maine Coon or Ragdoll until we saw Cats 101 on Animal Planet talking about Nebelungs. Medium, silver-gray fur? Check. Bright green eyes? Check. Big fluffy tail? Check. Total scaredy-cat? Check. He's a Nebelung.

Anyway, my friend Connie found this little gray kitten out in the snow during Snowpocaylpse in the DC area. He was almost frozen to death, but she brought him back. She named him Tynan, which is Irish Gaelic for "Dusty". When she moved out of town a few months later, she couldn't take him with her. So, we took him from her. He was six months old at the time, and this adorable little gray ball of fluff. Now, Tynan (or Tiny, as we call him) is a BIG gray ball of fluff. He's about as long as my husband's leg, nose to tail. He's a total sweetie. I'll have to see if I can upload a picture.

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