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Post  galatea on Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:38 pm

Dear All,

I'm really happy to have found this forum.
I felt totally in love of the Nebelung a month ago, while looking random videos of Cats101 on you tube :-)...
When I was a little girl, I was used to have a really nice grey house cat, very much russian blue like. A treasure of sweetness and distinction.
Years later now, I'm still a true cat lover, found my masculine alter ego (who's maybe crazier than me about these furry creatures) and we are,since few months,the lucky owners of Fausto, a wonderful blue point balinese (traditional type). A dream of cat, with a very tender and social caracter. Searching for a cat pal, we first thought about an other traditional balinese, being so positively surprised by this breed, but it seems quite difficult to find breeders here in France, as many prefer the modern type, which is officialy recognized by the LOOF.
I thought about a somali, really impressed by their stylish look and mischevious caracter. But, after a lot of searches and after looking these video, I think I've found the one Very Happy !
This forum is a mine of information, and I'll be definitely glad to share my questions and thoughts with you all !
Thanks and respect to you, breeders, who make such a great work to expand and promote the breed, sharing your love about the Nebelung, which seem's to be such a unique feline....
Have a very nice evening and cheers from the City of Lights !


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Post  laurence on Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:38 am

Welcome / Bonjour Galatea Very Happy

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Post  Sionnach on Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:18 pm

Bonsoir Galatea, I have both Somalis and Nebelungs ;-)) How lucky am I!! Both beautiful both affectionate, what can I say! I am owned by Alesan and Feagen (nebelungs) and Alesan never ceases to amaze me as he loves our dog Solomon who is not only a large dog but a hyper one and he kisses and head buts him and chats to him. Feagen is our Princess, our little silver mouse whose desperate to marry her Prince Alesan! As you can tell I am well and truely smitten and wish you much luck in your search for a friend for your Balinese and I have to say you are so lucky as you have Bernard , Patrick, Virginie and Laurence all in France with the most beautiful Nebelungs!!!!
Good luck and please keep us posted when you find that Cat Of Your Dreams !!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Luv Valerie and the furry clan
Sionnach Nebelungs

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