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Nice to meet everyone Empty Nice to meet everyone

Post  TigerMag on Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:45 am

Hello, My name is Megan and I am a huge cat lover. I have one nebelung who is probably a little bit of a mix breed considering her coloring but she is the spitting image of a nebelung cat. And she is SO smart, her name is Tweety, also known as Grey Cat or Miss Kitty. We adopted her after a friend found her and her sister, an american shorthair, on a hay truck coming from Orlando. We were taking care of the kittens and just fell in love and kept them. Miss Kitty is extremely vocal, always talking and looking you in the eye, you can just tell that she is trying so hard to communicate, we absolutely love her and she is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.


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Nice to meet everyone Empty Re: Nice to meet everyone

Post  ltree74 on Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:28 am

Nice to see someone else from the states. I'm in the upper northwest corner of Florida. I had a Nebelung for 15 years. She was the most intelligent cat I have ever had. Don't tell the others. lol I have 2 other beauties one siamese mix and another whom as kitten appeared to be part Nebelung but not so much now. He's just a big gray kitty. Not a lick of quality about him. I will be getting another Nebelung after my oldest misses passes. She's 15 now so a couple more years. I really didn't know what my cat's breed was really until after she passed. The lady who gave her to me said she was a long haired Russian Blue. I didn't question it till after she passed and someone said something so then I began researching what she was. Her quaility and traits were exact to what I found so from now on it's only Nebelungs for me! How old is your kitten now?

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