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Post  Liesl on Sun May 20, 2012 11:16 am

Hello everyone!
I can't believe how lucky I was to find my Nebelung, Greycie on our local Kijiji site. I had just separated from my husband and moved into a new house with my little dog Chloe. I have always had cats so I looked in the local ads and found an advertisement for a Nebelung/Manx kitten. I had never heard of that breed so I researched it and was very excited to read about this amazing cat.
It took about a week for the owner to get back to me and I had almost lost hope, but when I got the call I rushed over there and he opened the door holding this adorable, BLUE little furball! She had very blue eyes and was cuddling up with him. I fell in love instantly. I saw both her parents. Her mother was a gorgeous, long Nebelung and her father a very regal-looking Manx. Greycie definitely has more Nebelung traits than Manx.
When I first got her home she was quite afraid of my dog, but Chloe was very patient with her, having been around cats before. Before long, the two were running around the house and playing. I was worried that the dog would hurt her because she was so tiny, but she was very gentle. Now, Greycie completely dominates the poor dog and sometimes the dog has to run and hide just to get some peace.
Greycie is now about 4 months old and really starting to look like a true Nebelung. Her face is becoming longer and more pointed, and her fur is gorgeous. Her eyes are more yellow/green than pure green. She is extremely active and intelligent and so affectionate. She loves being carried everywhere and sleeps with me or the dog. She goes completely limp when you lift her or carry her - complete trust. She can't go outside because of our laws, so I am considering leash-training her.
Considering how rare this breed is, I feel very, very fortunate to have found such an amazing cat.

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Post  laurence on Fri May 25, 2012 7:05 am

Hello Liesl and Greycie, and welcome to the forum. Very Happy

The forum is not very active as most of us have moved to Facebook. You can join us in the open group Nebelung Worldwide.

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