Looking for Texas Kittens/Breeders!

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Looking for Texas Kittens/Breeders! Empty Looking for Texas Kittens/Breeders!

Post  lilj1983 on Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:32 pm

I'm looking for someone who has Kittens and/or a breeder. I currently have a Nebelung named Max, we're not actually sure how old he is, but we're guessing that he's around 12 maybe 10 years old. We've had him for about almost 9 years, also we adopted him from our city's animal shelter. We adopted him with another cat (They were both came from the same place, unfortunately the other cat passed away about 3 years ago). We love Max and and personally he's the greatest cat anyone could have, but now that he's getting up there in age, I think it's time that we look for another Nebelung. In the past we've adopted other cats, and none quite we're like max. We have a friend that also has a Nebelung and her kitty acts the same way as Max.

We LOVE the breed but sadly there are NO breeders here listed in Texas. Maybe If you guys know where I can find a breeder or someone that has kittens.

Message Me if you know information regarding this topic. IT WOULD REALLY HELP!!!


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