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Post  Admin on Sun Dec 16, 2007 12:23 pm

Seeing the forum in use, made me realise that some adjustments were needed. Beautiful photos got "lost" in the introduction or diverse catagorie. As photos are the best represention of our cats they do need to be found easely. So the photo house has been started.

Here you will find the photo gallery, for the photos you'd like to share which are not connected to a topic in an other categorie (such like catshows or kittens). I already added some previous posted photos.

And I also added the photo contest categorie. The topic of this season is portait. The contest is, I think, not only for showing your photo, but also about gaining knowledge of the looks of the other cats. And this topic could be a good start Very Happy

I hope you find the changes usefull, if you have some suggestions? They are more then welcome Very Happy


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