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Post  Admin on Wed Sep 26, 2007 2:26 pm

Body: Medium sized cat, medium strong and muscular build, graceful in outline and appearance; long
and slender neck, long legs, paws narrow and oval. Long tail, slightly rounded tip.

Head: Skull medium long and flat shaped; in profile forehead and straight nose meet at a convex angle
level with the eyebrows. Prominent whisker pads; strong chin.

Ears: Large and slightly pointed; slightly tilted forward , set well apart . Inside ear with little furnishing,
so that the ear looks thin and almost transparent.

Eyes: Large and almond in shape; set wide apart; eye colour vivid green.

Coat: Medium in length, soft and silky; dense undercoat, ruff and breeches are not strongly developed.

Coat Colour: Clear blue and even through with a distinct silvery sheen ( hairs tipped with silver). Medium blue
is preferred.

Nose Leather: Blue-grey

Paw pads: Lavender pink

Scale of Points

Body: 30 Points
Head: 25 Points
Eyes: 10 Points
Coat Texture: 20 Points
Coat Colour and Tipping: 10 Points
Condition: 5 Points

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