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Post  nat_ralph on Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:28 am


I voulenteer for a kitten and cat rescue charity in Australia. This beautiful girl Alice was surrene to us In April this year. We have had a member of our facebook group post that he thought she was a nebelung.

A few of us have looked into it and she really does look like one. Alot of her character traits also seem to match the decriptions of a Nebelung.

If you could please have a look and let us know it would be much appreciated.

It is more out of curiosity as she is unlike any other cat we have come across.

Possible Nebelung Alice_11

Many Thanks

Nat Smile Possible Nebelung Photo.php?fbid=10150856735487566&set=a.10150856730082566.438714Possible Nebelung Photo.php?fbid=10150856735487566&set=a.10150856730082566.438714Possible Nebelung Photo.php?fbid=10150856735487566&set=a.10150856730082566.438714Possible Nebelung Photo.php?fbid=10150856735487566&set=a.10150856730082566.438714


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Possible Nebelung Empty Re: Possible Nebelung

Post  laurence on Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:38 am

Hello and Welcome Nat Smile

Alice was lucky to have found you. She is a lovely blue long hair housecat. Smile

No pedigree = housecat.

Sorry if the answer is short but we get tired of people asking if the cat they found is a Neb (or other breed) or not.
A breed cat HAS a pedigree certifying its origins. A breed cat is the result of long hours of work from the breeders (selection, catshows, etc..).
Yes some housecat look like a certain breed but that's all. Very Happy

Possible Nebelung Agapanthesbanniere

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Possible Nebelung Empty Re: Possible Nebelung

Post  wdburt1 on Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:28 pm

Well, the breeders who run this forum may be tired of answering the question, but I am not. The answer is, of course, that I do not know for sure whether your cat is a Nebelung, any more than the breeders know that your cat is not.

The difference is that I admit the possibility that your cat may be a Nebelung. Indeed, it looks so much like mine that I think it probably is. But of course if you are trying to prove something to the breeders and their airless little world of cat shows then you will need some documents to satisfy them.

The breeders insist that the only Nebelungs that exist are the products of their efforts. Read that again and consider how preposterous that is in this world. The logical fallacy in that claim is that the Nebelung breed had to come from somewhere, and in fact came from a cross involving a common house cat. The further fallacy is that some pedigreed Nebelungs have no doubt escaped and/or interbred with other cats. Mine showed up at the edge of the yard, probably after being let out of a passing car. Inspecting a photo of my cat, Cora Cobb did not question whether she was a Nebelung--unlike the little minds that run this forum, who do so reflexively.

If I could find the person who abandoned this cat from a car on the side of road I would not ask him for papers.

Being "tired" of dealing with customer questions is a sure sign of unearned monopoly.


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