Boo Boo the possible Nebelung...

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Boo Boo the possible Nebelung... Empty Boo Boo the possible Nebelung...

Post  mariakyann on Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:02 pm

My boyfriend has deduced that our kitty Boo Boo (he answers to that and he's left a few on us...) is likely a Nebelung. He will be 2 in about April. As you can see in my avatar photo, he's very handsome! I think he is likely a mix, but it does appear that he is at least half nebelung from what I can tell. Do you guys think so? What can you tell me about them?

He's pretty fantastic; he likes to play fetch, he greets us at the door and he sleeps with us throughout the whole night. He's so far not receptive to other pets, which I'm hoping will change when he's older. I'd love to talk to other owners!

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Boo Boo the possible Nebelung... Empty Re: Boo Boo the possible Nebelung...

Post  Fungus on Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:13 am

Hello Mariakyann! Smile Welcome here!

From the picture on your Avatar it sure looks like a Nebelung to me Smile And yes, he sure is handsome, you should really upload some more pictures of your BooBoo Very Happy

He sounds really wonderful! Sleeping with you through the night and greeting you at the door, and playing fetch, sounds so cute! Lovley!

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